Spectrum Book Of Games, The
Author : Mike James, S. M. Gee and Kay Ewbank

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Here is a selection of twenty-one exciting, high quality games written specially for the ZX Spectrum -both 16K and 48K models. These games make fulll use of the Spectrum's facilities, and are fully tested and crash-proofed.

Among those included are variants of popular arcade games such as Spectrum Invaders, Rainbow Squash and Mighty Missile; board games such as Capture the Quark; a compelling adventure game Treasure Island; a conversational game in which the Spectrum answers you back; and a commando game for you to test your skill. Each program is presented to appeal to all Spectrum owners, no matter how old or young, whether you are completely new to computing or fairly experienced.

Each program is accompanied by an explanation of how to play the game and how the program works, including tips on how to modify or 'personalise' it for your own special use.

Normally games of this quality are only available individually on cassette. This book therefore gives you remarkable value.

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