Games To Play On Your ZX Spectrum
Author : Martin Wren-Hilton

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Introduction 8

1 Breakout 9

2 String Art 12

3 Helicopter 14

4 Worm Race 18

5 Flower 21

6 Mastermind 22

7 Monitor 25

8 Bomber 27

9 Kaleidoscope 31

10 Customer 33

11 Spiral 39

12 Stunt Bike 40

13 Draughts 44


The ZX Spectrum, whether it be 16K or 48K, is a very impressive machine. By that, I mean that it has great potential — potential for doing more than you may think.In writing this book, I have brought together a number of games and utilities which should amuse or amaze you, from the brilliant BREAKOUT program to the mindboggling MASTERMIND game.As well as being fun to run, these programs will also teach you some interesting programming techniques as well as a couple of commands which were left out of the Manual altogether!

In learning how to use the machine, through the machine, I believe that it is up to you to modify any of the programs listed by addin extra lines where you want to. That is not to say that these programs have errors which need correcting, but a quick alteration here or there may help to 'personalise' the program.

It should be noted that all of these programs will run on either model of the Spectrum. If you do not feel up to entering all of them, you may like to know that some of the games are available on cassette, for further details contact Shiva Publishing Limited.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy programming your Spectrum with these listings, and that you gain many hours of pleasure playing the games.

Martin Wren-Hilton

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