ZX Spectrum ROM Cartridges

Posted : 07 December 2017

ZX Spectrum ROM Cartridges

In September 1983 Sinclair released the Inferface 2 for the ZX Spectrum. It had two joystick ports and a ROM cartridge slot, which offered instant loading times.

The ROM cartridges were plugged directly into the ZX Interface 2 peripheral that was plugged into the back of the ZX Spectrum.

A total of 10 ROM cartridges was released for the ZX Spectrum with each priced at £14.95, Backgammon, Chess, Cookie, Horace and the Spiders, Hungry Horace, JetPac, Planetoids, Pssst, Space Raiders, Tranz Am. Each of these games were previously available on cassette at about half the price of the ROM cartridges.

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